About two Kinds of Love

There are two kinds of love as two sources of joy: hemophilia – the love of God that animates man, it transforms him, makes him a partaker of the angelic life. joy; and cosmophilia – love of the cosmos, the visible world, the rapture of being, joy and delight by the beauty of the divine creation, which replaces The Creator Himself. Love for God is by its very nature – spiritual love arising from the action of grace; and love for the world and what is in the world is spiritual love that belonged to the emotional sphere of a person.
But it should be noted that spiritual love and cosmophilia do not they are identical to each other. There are moral and noble types of spiritual love, such as family love, patriotism, friendship, etc. But here we are talking about cosmophilia, as a worldview and worldview, as about overt or covert deification of the cosmos.
 Theophilia is a religion of the spirit; cosmophilia is religion the flesh. Cosmophilia is addressed to the cosmos – it is an object the love of a human being. This love can reach the point of inspiration and ecstasy. A person feels like a part of a grandiose reality space, a stream of its energy, a ray of its light. He can believe or not to believe in God, but, in fact, in him in a deep sense of the world, the cosmos is a deity. For him, the cosmos is a bowl boiling with life force, an infinity in time breath-taking images of time and space a man, a song that has been and will continue to be played forever. The religion of the cosmos is falling in love with it and trembling contemplation of its enchanting beauty.
Cosmophilia is the joy and enjoyment of being itself. For for the ancient cosmophiles, there was no God outside the cosmos. the soul-God is only a dead thing an abstraction. Cosmophilia is a call to a man to feel his oneness with the universe, feel it creative forces and energy, feel in his chest powerful breath of the cosmos, to realize that human nature part of the universe. The cosmos is material and corporeal, so in in paganism admiration and worship are clearly visible human flesh.In ancient art, the cult of corporeal beauty is elevated to a high degree. Person – the highest manifestation of the living cosmos, hence the naive anthropomorphism of pagan religion and Promethean humanism mythology. Paganism was a theology of joy and beauty, but theology in which there was no God: his place had been taken by theologians. the cosmos, in its greatness and power, and man, in his intellectual highs and passionate feelings. In paganism there was no doctrine of the rebirth of man, it was replaced by a new one.the catharsis of mysteries and theatrical productions, where heroism and virtues in the face of inexorable fate received a tragic ending. Catharsis could only be achieved by the temporary impact on the human soul-as from the when the bow strikes the strings, the sound appears and immediately disappears, it sounded like a dying man’s groan. A relapse of pagan humanism was vividly manifested in the Renaissance. It is a call from Christ to the pan, from the beauty of the deity to the beauty of the cosmos and man, from the spirit to the flesh.

Paganism was the religion of cosmic beauty and human pleasures, and against this background, Christianity has introduced the ancient world, a fanatical sect, the religion of the mob and the ignorant, the doctrine robs people of the happiness that gives them life, the grim spectre of death during the feast. For pagan Christians were people devoid of feeling beauty, haters of life, enemies of the state a plague that threatens our very existence humanity itself.

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Christianity has highlighted the illusory nature of pagan cosmophilia. It revealed the tragedy of man, his sinful nature damage, internal ugliness, its demon-likeness, something that tried to hide or not to know paganism.

Christianity has revealed to people the existence of the spiritual, and invisible, eternal world, and spread the horizons of human existence to infinity, where the cosmos itself is not thought of as a deity, but rather as a footstool a man born for the sky.

Christianity revealed to man his true likeness and, however, showed the depth of his fall, disgrace his passion and the way to another joy – the joy transformation, joy, communion with God, joy is not only empirical existence but returned to the Paradise of joy grace is the divine power that revives man and makes him the son of earth son of heaven, the spark, emerging and fading in time, a partaker of the eternal light of the Godhead.

Christian morality has its source theophilia, and pagan cosmophilia. Gnosticism, Catholicism, the Renaissance, Protestantism, and theosophy are a departure from theophilia in the direction of cosmophilia. If if we look at atheism as a kind of religion, then its essence “also cosmophilia. Cosmophilia does not produce solid results in moral principles. The person is in constant pain depending on the external; it must either adapt to either accept it as inevitable or try to avoid it adapt the outside to yourself.

Cosmophilia is the essence of his tragedy. Find support in it is impossible in space, where corruption and death rule. Personas a particle of space, it is doomed to destruction. Excessive anthropophilia is transformed into Anthropophagy, in which the person himself disappears. Losing the sense of eternity and you’re own godlike, he loses himself, his inner self self-identity becomes a kaleidoscope of externalities, changing impressions.

It seeks to find happiness and well-being in the acquisition of the external, which is based on the in fact, it is alien to the human soul. Cosmophilia cannot to satisfy the highest needs of the human spirit, it is necessary it is powerless to revive man, to destroy the discords of evil, and to destroy the world. sin in himself and his environment. This is a joy intoxication, which can give oblivion from the hardships of life, but not to make a person happy. Therefore cosmophilia is dramatic optimism.

Let’s digress a bit. As we said, theophilia – spiritual love, and cosmophilia – spiritual. In human nature can distinguish between spirit, soul, and body. The spirit is the highest power of the soul is the eye that is directed to God and is able to contemplate the invisible metaphysical world. The other eye of the soul it is directed to the earth; in fact, this lower part of the indivisible is what we call the soul. The body, soul, and spirit have their own characteristics. needs. But true joy is only received by a person when the needs of the spirit are met. Spiritual joy is experienced by a person as deep peace, as a deep sense of well-being. the true happiness that a person has found is not in this world but in the present. rather, it is a renunciation of the world, not the satisfaction of one’s own needs. through their taming. This joy is perceived as an invisible light, it feels like a special warmth of the soul – the warmth of awakened life. It is a joy that will never be forgotten. satiates the person, and in which all new ones have revealed the secrets of being and the depths of his own soul.

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Exactly the feeling of this unearthly joy gave strength to the Christian feelings. to the martyrs to go to the torture, to give everything, even their lives, in order to do not lose this joy. For her sake, the Reverend went to the monastery. monasteries, castles, and deserts, the mind went deeper into its own past. the heart, as if hiding in it, so as not to dispel this thought. joy with other fleeting, ephemeral joys of the world and your own emotions. Spiritual joy gave to the righteous the hardness of the stone during temptations and trials.

The fulfillment of some spiritual, and even more so physical, tasks cannot give a person true joy. How many rich people have been deep in their lives unhappy? How many kings had their crown seemed red hot the Hoop? How many great generals have been defeated by their own petty passions? How many people with a bright emotional world and a subtle aesthetic sense, which gave eternal examples of art, went through a deep crisis and tragically ended their lives. In contrast to this satisfaction, the needs of the spirit make a person happy, in whatever form in whatever state he was in, no matter what position he was in, whatever job he was doing.

Sample spiritual love, it cannot love everyone: some she loves, as if bound to him; other for her indifferent, like they don’t exist; third mental the man feeds the hostility. Spiritual love itself is not free from selfishness. It depends on the changing mood of a person, from the attitude of others to him, and often goes out just as quickly as it occurs, and one soulful attachment is replaced by others. Passionate love can Express yourself in strong emotions of the soul – how high the waves of the sea rise during a storm, but it is full of inner turmoil and anxiety. How often does a person, someone who is obsessed with this kind of love hurts himself and the other person he loves. he loves you.

Unrequited love becomes a drama, and divided love becomes a drama. – from poetry to prose. Spiritual love includes a man to eternity, and spiritual love is the thread that can be torn at any moment: rarely, when it is broken, it is not necessary to use it. it reaches the cemetery and ends at the grave. More often frustration or jealousy crunches this one out with its teeth thread.

Spiritual love thinks first of eternal life, and then of the soul. spiritual about the earth. Soulful love is natural a human trait; spiritual love is a possibility, which is accomplished by grace. Spiritual love is, first of all, love for God; its consequence is the love for people, it is like a second reflected light. Without rays, the sun cannot exist, and without the sun its rays cannot exist. The love of God manifests itself through love for people; love for people has its own meaning. the source is the love of God.

Many people cannot distinguish between a cosmophilia that has a specific purpose. a pantheistic character, from the love of God, and a spiritual one love for people comes from spiritual love. How can a person know does he have spiritual love? The first sign of it – the desire to pray for their abusers, the treatment of their victim’s slanderers and rivals, as with their friends, the secret service grace to those who do evil. The second is a sense of joy and well-being. comfort in the heart, when a person forgives all wrongs, lies, slander, deceit, and wishes eternal salvation to his enemies. The third sign, when a person in all misfortunes and misery when misunderstandings occur, he only blames himself and justifies others. The fourth, when he considers himself the worst and most sinful of all people as if lying under the feet of all. The fifth, when it likes solitude more than a lot of people and prefers a private prayer for conversations with people.

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The sixth, when he thanks God for suffering as mercy and an opportunity to touch with my mouth the Cup from which the Lord drank. The seventh sign is when he doesn’t count anything in this world it is not necessary to use your own data but only given to him on time and for nothing. it is attached by the soul. The eighth sign is immediate the testimony of the very heart that found what it was looking for and did not find in the world – a deep peace of feelings and emotions. thoughts in which there is no confusion, anxiety and contradictions. The ninth, the calmness with which one waits for death, as a prelude to the resurrection.

The Christian’s life must become a path to spiritual attainment love. Here we need constant work, austerities, and the fight against corruption. passion, repentance, obedience and humility. The lack of spiritual love is manifested in anxiety and frustration, in the constant pursuit of the external, the ingratitude of those what a person has, and impatient desire to change the situation, as if it affects internal the confusion of life. The possessor of spiritual love struggles with two enemies: the demon and their passions.

Owner soulful love struggles with people, paying little attention to his moral ulcers and forgetting about the existence of the demonic world. Spiritual love is simple and unassuming. silent and strict. It is like a hidden treasure – gold wrapped in canvas. Heartfelt love is eloquent and it is eloquent; it is like a decorated casket, inside where the coppers are stored. Spiritual love gives a person freedom, itself the breath of eternity. Strastnaya street love makes a man either a slave or a slaveholder, and sometimes both at the same time.

The present age is a time of catastrophic loss of love, both in public, family, and religious life. And, at the same time, the word “love” has become fashionable, having lost its original deep meaning. It’s gone of purity and chastity, and became somewhat muddy, a prodigal, omnivorous love, which often turns into a subject of speculation, which they want to justify everything lawlessness and ugliness, and this love became known as the love of God. spiritual, and sometimes even ascribe it to God.

We do not equate spiritual love with evil love, but we warn that if the properties of the spiritual and spiritual will not be clearly defined and delineated, but, on the contrary, artificially mixed, then sincere love as the usurper will take the place of the spiritual and then the moral Christian degradation and theological chaos in Orthodoxy will become inevitable.


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