Is the Spirit of the Lord diminished?

O house of Jacob that is called! is the Spirit of the Lord diminished? Micah 2: 7. there Maybe people who think that they can convert the world by means of philosophy, that a stony heart can be made alive by outstanding oratory, or that a soul can be regenerated by ceremonial sorcery. But we rely on the Holy Spirit for everything, and only On him. Only He helps us in our work. In performing our Holy service, we do not rely on any power except the power of the spirit of the highest.


It is not surprising that Asher left footprints wherever his footsteps went because he dipped his feet in spruce. And if his feet hadn’t been anointed, he couldn’t have left any footprints. And until we have the anointing of the Holy Spirit, until we are endowed with power from on high, it is in vain to preach the gospel to the meek, to comfort the contrite in heart, and to proclaim deliverance to all slaves.

We need the Holy Spirit to prepare us for our work. First, He gives us the desire to go to the field of God, and then He, and only He gives us the ability to participate in the battle. “The suggestions of the heart belong to man, but the answer of the tongue comes from the Lord.” Therefore, let us strive to be filled with the Holy Spirit, let us strive under the divine influence, so that when we take up work, we are ready for it. There is no better preparation for the work of God than communion with God Himself. Go into the wilderness with Christ, and then, when he calls you, be ready to follow Him and bear witness to what you saw with him on the Holy mountain.

When we begin our work, we are faced with problems: we want people to be saved, but salvation requires being born again, and we cannot revive. Bring the stone to life! Test your powers first at home with a stone on your Desk, before you try to change people’s stone hearts. Bring a dead soul back to life! Go to the cemetery and raise the dead before pretending that you can restore a sinner who is dead in sin to spiritual life. We speak of rebirth in this way:”it Is the work of God’s hands.” If your belief is not supernatural, then it is false. If the Holy Spirit is not with you, then you, like John and Jambi, are trying to perform a miracle without the help of the Lord. You will fail and be declared impostors.

You will be in the same trouble as the seven sons of ska who tried to cast out demons: the demons do not know you, they know Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, and they simply mock your senseless attempts. Only people who are not engaged in serious spiritual work talk about what they can achieve. When you actually begin to engage in sacred service, you will find how weak you are. You will begin to worry about the souls that are being lost with all your heart, and you will find that either the Holy Spirit will help you or you will fail.

Despite the fact that many worthy people devote a lot of time to serving in the Church, the work of God can standstill. After all, nothing will happen until the Holy Spirit takes over the work! On our own, we have not taken a single step toward heaven, and without the help of the Holy Spirit, we have not brought any human being even an inch closer to eternity.

We need the Holy Spirit, and if We don’t have the Holy Spirit, all our activities will go nowhere. I have heard of a Christian who owned a windmill, and one Sunday people walking past to worship saw the wheel of the mill turning. They were very surprised, but one of them noticed that the wheel was turning idly, there was nothing in the millstones. The water accidentally broke through the dam and began to spin the wheel. Another person noticed: “It reminds me of our Minister and his sermons. It doesn’t actually do anything: the wheel turns, click-clack, click-clack, and nothing happen.” The same can be said of many organizations dedicated to spiritual service: water flows, sparkling in the rays of the sun, but the visible movement does not touch the immediate needs of people, does not lead to any practical results, except the creaking of the wheel.

O Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove,

Come and satisfy our life’s hunger.

Otherwise, our service to the Lord will be in vain.

1.The Prophet Micah asks the question: “Has the Spirit of the Lord diminished?” Reflecting on these words, let us note, first, that the Spirit of God cannot be diminished by the commands of man. In the previous verse, we read that people said to their prophets,”do not prophesy.” When people spoke in the name of God, the people whose minds were darkened by iniquity ordered them to be silent. People no longer wanted to hear about God, they had renounced him and wanted nothing to do with him. The words of the prophets were a burden to them, they disturbed them, they had to remember things that they hoped to forget forever, so they told the prophets,” do not prophesy.”

After that, Micah asks his own question. The prophets spoke under the guidance of the spirit of God. Do you think that the Spirit of the Lord can be diminished, limited, bound, silenced by a man’s command? People thought it was possible. People thought it was enough for them to say to the prophets, ” Calm down. If you speak again, we will lock you up, send you out of the country, or cut off your heads,” and the voice of the spirit of God will be silenced and God will be speechless. But the prophet asks them, “What are you trying to do? Can you do this? Is the Spirit of the Lord diminished?”

Beloved friends, this cannot be! The spirit of God cannot be diminished, for the man in whom It dwells cannot help speaking. People may order him to be silent, and he will obey them for a time, but the time comes, and he says, as one of the ancient prophets said, “But there was in my heart as it were a burning fire enclosed in my bones, and I was weary withholding it, and could not,” and he was forced to speak. If a person has invented certain teaching or borrowed it from another, then he can talk about it, or he can not talk about it.

But if God has given him the power to proclaim his message, then such a person cannot help speaking, and nothing will stop him from speaking. In all ages, God has encouraged people to speak, and they have spoken, even though it has often cost them their lives. When the light of the reformation reached England, those who first accepted the gospel were mostly weak and insignificant people.

But they felt the power of the new message and realized that it came from God, but they were not completely sure of their own beliefs, and many of them renounced when a fire was lit before their eyes or the prison doors were simply opened. The best of them, in the early years of Henry VIII’s reign, had retreated from the truth, and the enemy had thought they were all like that. The manhunt and harassment continued. Nevertheless, after a while, those very people who had lost their courage when they first became acquainted with the truth felt a twinge of conscience and declared that it was more terrible to live without the truth than to die. By the power of God, they began again to boldly preach Christ.

There was a man named Billie, of whom Hugh Latimer had many kind things to say. Now, although he was well instructed in the truth, at first he was afraid. He thought that he had fallen into a delusion and therefore retreated, but later he went to his death. And when he had an opportunity to escape, he didn’t take it.

He felt that he must die in the name of God. There was also a man named Frith, who, when he was marched through Croydon, and the Archbishop of Canterbury (I mean Cranmer, who also almost reached the knowledge of the truth, but because he held such a position, was involved in persecution) when I wanted to help him escape into the woods – in Norwood or somewhere else – I said the words that became famous: “As soon as you leave me alone, I will return to Lambeth (the place of execution).

I must die for Christ, and if you force me to hide for a while, I will return, for I must honor my Lord.” The executioners were surprised by this turn of events. They did not understand that men like Frith had come to know the truth, and the more firmly their convictions became, the more boldly they preached, and they could not remain silent because they felt the power in their souls.

God, you may be sure, will not leave himself without witnesses. If there comes a time of fear when even brave hearts falter and their voices begin to falter, there will come again a time of confidence, and people will step forward and declare: “I was a coward, but now in the name of the highest I openly take His side and will fight for the faith once given to the saints.” The spirit of the Lord cannot be diminished by the commands of man. He will give his servants the power to speak.

Know also that if any of the servants of God are cast into prison, or put to death, or are silenced, the Spirit of the Lord is not diminished, for he will raise up new prophets. He never suffers a defeat. When they burned Jan Huss, whose name means “goose”, he said that God would find a Swan, a bigger bird than he was.


These words became Luther’s motto, an inscription on his shield, and although many wanted to roast this Swan, no one was able to do it. Luther continued to live because God was pleased with such witnesses as he was. And as long as God used him, the hatred of his enemies was futile. And so it has been and will be at all times. Where did God find His first witnesses who started the Reformation?

The last place you would look for witnesses to Christ is in the monasteries. He laid his hand on the priests and monks and said to them, ” Go and preach the gospel of Christ.” And they went, and were faithful servants, faithful even to death. They fell under the sickle of the persecuting Catholics, like ears of corn at harvest.

Here and there appeared in the sheaves of the martyrs. But though the enemy reaped the field, they could not remove it completely, for when they reached one end, green shoots sprang up again from the other side. God raised up new people who preached His word faster than they killed those who had already testified. And so it will be as long as this world stands. The spirit of the Lord is not diminished.

If the entire Church of God becomes apostate, and I wouldn’t be too surprised if most of the visible Church does, since this process has already begun, God’s eternal goals will still be fulfilled. He will easily find his people outside the walls of the existing Church and build for Himself a purer and better Church that will not be like the old one but will hold fast to the gospel of the grace of God in the simplicity and power of faith. Therefore, do not be afraid, but answer the question of the prophet with confidence: “The spirit of the Lord is not diminished.”

But if those who believe in the name of God die, the Spirit of the Lord will not be diminished: it will find a way to reach human hearts. He can speak through his Word. It is impossible to be in the dark with the Bible open. The spirit can also speak through many Holy books that are despised today.

Many good books, like the saints of the past, wander in lusts and goatskins: the old puritans, “enduring faults, sorrows, and bitterness,” will still bear witness of Christ. You will remember how the book of Thomas Guthrie, “the Testimony of salvation,” long forgotten in Scotland, was found by a shepherd who brought it to the pastor of his Church. It was read, and after reading this old and long-lost book, the blessed awakening of Evangelical faith began.

And even if all the books disappear, the Spirit of God can work directly on people’s hearts. It will not be diminished. He will still be able to call Saul of Tarsus without a Bible and without a preacher. And if the enemies of the Lord can completely destroy the very name of Christians, the Spirit of God will still start all over again and out of nothing create a new heaven and a new earth where righteousness dwells. Desperation? What does despair have to do with us, who know the power of God? What do doubts and fears have to do with us? The Lord lives, and His eternal Spirit will carry out his divine purposes without delay.

2. Further, I would like To say that the Spirit of the Lord cannot be diminished for any reason, not only by the commands of man but by nothing else.

The spirit of the Lord cannot be diminished by any change in Himself. The Holy Spirit, as God from God, can truly say of Himself, ” I am the Lord, I do not change.” Today He is the same as on the day of Pentecost, and so he has been all eternity, which has no beginning. He is divine, omnipresent, omniscient, all-powerful, all-wise, infinite. He does what he wants. Therefore, It is not diminished.

It does not detract from the Zeitgeist, whatever it may be. I’ve heard a lot about it, and I believe that the Zeitgeist is the devil. I may be speaking too bluntly and not very pleasant, but I have never heard of any other Zeitgeist. Throughout all the ages, people have known only one ” Prince who rules the air, the spirit who now works in the sons of resistance.” He appeared in various forms: the spirit of ignorance, the spirit of intolerance, the spirit of superstition, the spirit of envy, the spirit of unbelief, the spirit of philosophy.

All this is done by the same spirit, dividing the gifts to each of his disciples separately, as he pleases. And although the spirit of evil is strong, it must fall back before the Spirit of God, who is infinitely stronger and who cannot be limited, bound, or diminished by the spirit of time.

And, of course, the Spirit of God cannot be diminished by the discoveries of science. We made a new discovery yesterday. Today, another one will probably be made. But none of this has any effect on my faith in Christ, nor can any scientific discovery shake any preacher of the gospel. The more the works of God are studied, the better; the more thoroughly the creation is understood, the more correctly it is explained, the better. Let the Father’s words be magnified.

But our forefathers, who lived in the utter darkness of ignorance, preached the same gospel that we preach today by the light of electric lamps. If we lived in the Roman catacombs by torchlight, we would have nothing to preach but Christ crucified. But even now, when we gather together in the enlightened nineteenth century, we still have only one topic to preach about: the crucified Christ.

Modern discoveries cannot frighten us, for it is easy to see that the Spirit of God is not diminished today by the fact that many learned men have submitted to His power. It can convert both the educated and the illiterate. He did that a lot. We know those who have studied almost the whole earth and sky, but who now sit like a child at the feet of Christ. The spirit of God cannot be diminished by science.

It is also not detracted from the worldly vanity of the many people among whom we live. When we look at the people around us, we break our hearts for them. It seems to us that the world has never been so stiff-necked, never have people been so indifferent, never have they chased wealth with such obsession as they are now.

But all this has already happened! It’s just that evil has passed from one state to another. “The whole world lies in evil”, in the same place where it has always lain. The same sin of hardening the heart, the same blindness, the same heartlessness, the same Word of God that can work, here in London, as in old pagan Rome, that can subdue our English cities, as it subdued Athens and Corinth, where the Apostle Paul preached.

We can be sure that nothing inherent in modern people – poverty, drunkenness, the pursuit of pleasure, indifference, and so on-can reduce the power of the Holy Spirit and its power over people.

And the Spirit of the Lord is not diminished even by the skill Of his enemies. Today, they have mastered a unique art of fighting. Some pretend to preach the gospel but actually try to kill it. On the surface, it looks like they want to honor him with a kiss, but in reality, they stick a knife under the fifth rib. Many call themselves Evangelical believers, well aware that Evangelical theology is repugnant to them.

But the Holy Spirit is not diminished today, just as He was not diminished when he encountered the speculations of the Greek philosophers and broke them down. The simple truth of God will always stand for itself. The fog may thicken so that you can’t see the tip of your nose, but the Holy Spirit knows the way and sees in the darkest midnight that the Church of God will endure forever.

And He will bring forth the righteousness of the gospel as the light, and his justice as the noonday and his glory will Shine like a burning lamp. He is not detracted from the skill of his enemies.

I don’t know how else to express what I feel, but I firmly believe that there is absolutely no one and nothing that can limit or reduce the power of the Holy Spirit. If He is God, then he is all-powerful; if he is all-powerful, no one can bind him like the Philistines bound Samson. He would tear their bonds to shreds. He is the free Spirit of God, and no power can restrain him.

When the Lord exposes a muscle,

Who will resist Him?

3. Now I come to the practical part of my conversation: we must not act as if the Spirit of the Lord has been diminished. When do we do this? Very often. I will mention nine cases.

If we treat Him as if His Holy Word cannot now convert and sanctify people, comfort and subdue them as before, we are in a terrible state of unbelief. His Holy Book has performed great miracles in the past. It was like the sword of Goliath, of which David spoke: “There is none like it, give it to me.” This sword is double-edged and even those who just played with it could strike themselves and find their spiritual death. Many have distorted it to their own destruction.

“But does the Word have the same power today?” Test it. Give the Bible to the ungodly, the careless, and the indifferent, read it to them, encourage them to read it for themselves, and then you will see whether this book can turn people to God today. When you have serious problems, go to her and ask for the Holy spirit’s blessing, and you will see whether she will comfort you or not. In the darkest hour of your life, you will find light in the Bible.

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When you are on the verge of utter despair, you will find strength and return to work with renewed hope if you will study the Scriptures and accept their message. It is filled with comfort. Do not assume that the Spirit cannot give you a blessing through this book. It has not diminished. When you listen and it doesn’t do you any good, then know that the problem is not a weakness of spirit, but how you listen.

If you don’t get the satisfaction you used to get when reading the Bible, be sure that it is your own fault. The food is in front of you, but something has happened to your appetite. The spirit of God was not diminished. This book is as inspired by God as it was on the day it was written. It is inspired by God, and whoever reads it still feels its inspiring influence, because God penetrates the heart through His word. The spirit of God is not diminished in this book.

We will stick to it, we will preach it more and more. Let us make sure that we take our sermons from it, and not from our own heads. And then, when we preach the Word of God, we will see that the Spirit of God is not diminished.

If we think the present state of Affairs is hopeless, we act as if the Spirit of God has been diminished. Is the Spirit of the Lord diminished if you are willing to lay down your hands and tell everyone that nothing can be done? Is the Spirit of the Lord diminished if the Church to which you belong is cold and dead, and there is no power in its Ministry? Your own work does not produce results, and even though you persevere, serving has become routine for you.

But is the Spirit of the Lord diminished? Perhaps I am speaking now to a man who is so wicked that he has lost all hope of salvation, but still wants to be saved? Maybe he’s talking: “How can I become a Christian? Can I have a new heart and a right spirit?” Has the Spirit of the Lord diminished? Can he not soften your heart as you desire?

Can It not give you a strong desire to be saved that you lack? Can’t He give you faith in Christ right now? Can He not breathe spiritual life into you, making you a living soul, looking at the cross, and having lived in the Crucified One? Dear friend, I ask you, if you feel the terrible weight of sin, if you consider yourself the most terrible creature that has ever defiled the earth if you feel unworthy not only to live but also to die, I ask you to believe that the Holy Spirit can renew you, transform you from a sinner into a Saint, and make you able to glorify God right now.

If you don’t believe, you limit the power of the Holy Spirit, and I ask again, “has the Spirit of the Lord Diminished?” You will be left in a desperate situation if you do not resort to the help of God: there is no God, there is no hope. There is no balsam in Gilead, there is no doctor there; if there had been, the daughter of my people would have been well long ago. Where is the balm? Look for it in the heavenly world. Where is the doctor? Raise your eyes to the heavens.

There you will find the Christ of God, who “can always save,” the living Father, and the all-powerful spirit. Oh, if you could only be left in doubt as to the power of God! All things are possible to God. “Is there anything difficult for the Lord?” Was reduced if the arm of the Lord? Believe that He can do everything and can do everything for you, whether you are a Saint or a sinner. And once again I ask you the question: “Has the Spirit of the Lord diminished?”

Don’t you think that when we expect only small blessings, we act as if the Spirit of the Lord has been diminished? I am very happy to see three or four hundred people turn to God and join our Church every year. This has been happening for many years. But if I were to say that this is all that the Spirit of God can do, I would belittle it.

If a few dozen people have converted in Sunday school – I am grateful to God that you see these conversions constantly – and you think that you have reached the pinnacle of success, I should ask the question, ” Has the Spirit of the Lord diminished?” Dear friends, I don’t know any reason why a thousand sinners who have listened to the same sermon can’t see the light through a sermon that has made one sinner see the light. It takes the same power to convert a thousand sinners as it does to save one.

The same law, the same force, leads to both large and small results. Oh, that we had a strong faith that God “by the power that works in us can do incomparably more than we ask or think of”! And this power is the Holy Spirit, which cannot be diminished! Why should we not come to the house of God with the prayer, “O Lord, perform great miracles”? Is He not a God who works great miracles? Shouldn’t we expect a lot from Him? I know what some people will say: “If many turn, I am afraid that a considerable number of them will fall away.” But I know from experience that when a large number of people are converted, the number of random people does not increase in percentage terms compared to the situation when few people are converted.

The reason is that when there are few converts, it is tempting to accept them into the Church without a strict test. But when there are many converts, we can afford to be more strict about their profession of faith. The more the better, the more the better. I think it happens all the time. Let us believe that the Spirit of God can save an entire parish, a city, and turn London upside down. Oh, may the Lord increase the possibilities of our faith! “According to your faith, let it be done to you.”

But we, unfortunately, have a sixpence faith, and when we receive as much as corresponds to it, we think we have become rich, but in reality, the rich bowels of God’s indescribable grace remain untouched. Oh, if only we had the faith to master them!

Again, dear friends, don’t you think that we treat the Spirit of God as if it has been diminished when we believe that our weaknesses prevent It from working through us? “Oh, I have no doubt that by using you, God can bless so many people,” someone will say. But, my dear friend, if you knew what I look like in my own eyes, you wouldn’t say that.

I am, in my understanding, the weakest among you. “My abilities, knowledge and capabilities are much more modest than yours,” another person will say. Yes, that is so, my dear friend, and that is why you believe that the Spirit of God cannot work through you. Don’t you realize that while your words may seem like a sign of humility, they actually belittle the spirit of God? No matter how weak you are, He can use you. You are not belittling yourself, but the power of God.

He can use the most insignificant person, unknown to anyone, uneducated and weak. Moreover, He is happy to do so. And he makes the strong feel weak before he acts through them, so that they say, ” When I am weak, then I am strong.” God uses empty vessels, and because you don’t have to empty them, because you have already lost your power, God can start working through you right away. There is nothing in you.

Nothing! Therefore, if God will use you all the glory will belong to Him. Believe that God can manifest his power through you, and get to work, do something. Proclaim the Good news. Proclaim over and over again. Witness where you have already testified, and where you have never mentioned it, and believe that God can use you. And He will do it. And if you still insist that God cannot work through you, I ask you the question: “Has the Spirit of the Lord been diminished?”

But now I hear another person talking: “Sir, if you only knew where I live, you would understand that there is no question of any benediction.” Where do you live? In a country where no man has ever set foot? On the other side of the world? Where the earth ends, just beyond the edge of the universe? I have something to say to those who live in a remote place and go to a small church where only a few people gather for worship.

Do not believe that the Spirit of the Lord can be limited by the distance from the people of the place where you live. Great service in the name of Christ sometimes began on remote farms and in small villages. In them, a fire was ignited, which then turned into a huge fire, similar to those that rage in the forests of America. It does not matter how many people it begins with, for where two and three are gathered in the name of Christ, there He is in the midst of them.

And if He is among them, then soon by the efforts of these few people He will appear in other places, and the fire of awakening will cover the whole earth. If you are shepherding two or three people, they are enough for you to properly account for your Ministry. Don’t strive to have large gatherings, strive to save those who are.


If the Lord will bless through you a Sunday school class and two or three children in your family, who knows what it will lead to later, for the Spirit of the Lord is not diminished by a small number of people.

So many people, thinking that the Holy Spirit must always act in the same way, are guilty of belittling It. When I meet people who testify to their faith and describe feeling guilty about their sins, I rejoice in this old-fashioned way of conversion. But if someone says: “The Lord met me and filled my heart with joy, allowing me to realize forgiveness even before I realized my sins, and the realization of my sinfulness came later,” I answer myself: “Let the Lord do His work in his own way.”

I am not going to set a standard and cut everyone under the same comb, I will not stretch those who are shorter on the Procrustean bed and trim those who are longer. No, let the Lord save his people as he pleases. If someone ends up in the dungeon of del law and gets whipped until there is no living place left on him, I hope it will do him good. But if another has come quietly to Christ and knows nothing of the rod because he was drawn to the Saviour by love and kindness and rejoiced in Him, I think he will remember this and will rejoice all the days of his life.

Referrals do not follow the same pattern. You can’t cast a mold for handling the same way as for industrial products. No two children are alike. A great artist will never paint two identical pictures. There will always be at least a small difference. And when something of eternal value is done in the Church, it is done in different ways. We will be wrong if we limit the Lord to the limits of action. “You know,” someone will say, ” in our Church, when we get together, anyone can speak who wants to. This is how God works among us. I don’t believe in one man’s sermons.

We are on the verge of insulting the Holy Spirit if we believe that He works only through certain people and only in the Church with a certain form of guidance or without it at all.” Another person who constantly listens to the same preacher says: “I am greatly benefited by the preaching of Mr. so-and-so, and no one can give me as much as he does. I don’t like other ways of conducting worship when not just one preacher speaks, but everyone can participate.”

Brothers, let others worship God as they wish. God blesses both one sermon during the meeting and twenty sermons. If the Ministry is filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, let it take any form you want. God is not bound by our rules and procedures: if you see God at work, then bless His name for it, and let Him do as he sees fit. You must not think that God only acts in one particular way. “I am always blessed by the preaching of such and such a Minister.” It is right that you wait for a blessing and pray for it. “But I don’t expect to get a blessing from so-and-so. He’s behaving so strangely.” It may very well be that he is behaving strangely.

God has unusual servants, and I should add That he has very unusual children too. Our families are also sometimes very peculiar. Some parents have very strange boys, and God also has very strange sons and daughters. But He tolerates them, and so can we. Sometimes the most useful people in the Kingdom of God were great originals and served in a very peculiar way. If you don’t like them, you don’t have to go their way, go your own way. They may not like the way you act, but they have no right to blame you, and you have no reason to despise them. Work for the Lord as he directs you and as you believe.

The word of God teaches you, believe that the Spirit of the Lord is not diminished. God blessed many people through William Huntington, a coal carrier, even though he preached Calvinism, and at the same time, God blessed some preachers who preached Arminianism. God does not bless Calvinism or Arminianism, but Christ, who is in the sermon. God blesses the proclamation of eternal gospel truth. So let’s not think that the Holy Spirit works only through certain people. “…Is the Spirit of the Lord diminished?”

Again, we act as if we don’t believe this truth about the Spirit of God when we think that some people are hopelessly lost. Let us not think that people who have listened to sermons for years have so hardened their hearts against the gospel that the Holy Spirit is powerless to save them, or that those who have sunk to the bottom of sin can never be cleansed, or that those who have wandered very far from the flock will never find their way home.

Is the Spirit of the Lord diminished, that we should lose hope in regard to those people whom God has so far left on this side of the barrier separating the accused from the condemned? Hope for the salvation of the most terrible sinners: the great sinners, when they are saved, give great glory to God, whose Spirit has brought them to the truth.

If we cannot believe that He can bless us today, then we treat the Spirit of God as if it has been diminished. “I have been disappointed,” you say, ” perhaps tomorrow I will feel better.” Brother, why can’t your condition change in this good hour? “Oh,” says my sister,”I want to serve the Lord when I’m older.” Really? Well, you’ve grown older since I said those words to you, and I think now is the time to start serving. Believe in God’s word now. Believe that every moment of your life is good because of God. “This day is the day of glad tidings.” Why can’t I re-dedicate myself to God right now? Why can’t I come to Christ again and ask Him again to give me more life, faith, hope, joy, and Holiness right now? “Is the Spirit of the Lord diminished?”

4. And the last thing I want to say is that the Spirit of the Lord will prove that He is not diminished. In the end, all people will recognize Its power, whether they have previously believed in it or not. He will magnify himself in those who will be saved and in those who will be lost forever.

He will punish you for your resistance. Those who reject the message they hear today will eventually be betrayed to themselves. “My Spirit will not be forever neglected,” says the eternal God. Constant rejection of God will lead to the fact that man will completely lose His presence and perish forever.

But in spite of the opposition of men, the Spirit will carry out God’s plans. Man’s stubbornness will not stand in the way of God as an insurmountable obstacle, and what he has ordained will certainly happen. And then it will be clear that the Spirit of the Lord has not been diminished. None of God’s chosen ones will reach the end of the disastrous path; all the chosen ones will be effectively called, and they will all be given the power to receive Christ when they hear of Him in the preaching of the gospel.

And the third proof that the Spirit has not been diminished will be given when it has glorified Christ and prepared the people of God for His second coming. The gospel will be preached to all Nations, and witnesses will be gathered from every tribe and tribe, waiting for the glorious appearance of Christ the Conqueror, which will soon take place. Then it will be clear how perfectly the Spirit of the Lord prepared the Church, both quantitatively and qualitatively, as an immaculate bride, as a gift to the lamb for his sufferings and intercession.

And you who are not yet converted, but who desire it, what are you waiting for, seeing that the Spirit of the Lord is ready to work now and that it will never be stronger than it is now? Many of you need to hurry up with making a decision, step over the line. You have one step left.

This has often happened to you before. You are almost convinced! Oh, Spirit of God, help them to believe in Christ right now! Let them turn their gaze to the one who is hanging on the tree. Turn and live! Why do you think that tomorrow is better for repentance than today? How can 1892 be better than 1891? I haven’t the faintest idea about it. However, I know many reasons why you should not delay saving for later: it is dangerous, it can be expensive, and the delay turns into rejection.

May God the Holy Spirit come and turn you to God now that you are not getting the punishment of terrible blindness that strikes those who reject the invitations of the spirit to the gospel became unattainable to you standing in the way of God, not fall, to not be out of the glorious many of the people whom the Spirit calls to serve the living God instead of idols and wait for His Son from heaven!

Did He not say, ” he who Comes to Me I will not cast out?” “When can I go to Him?” you may ask. Whenever you come, He will not turn you away. What kind of people Will does he accept? “Incoming” – any incoming, whoever it is. How can they come? They just have to trust, trust in Christ. May the Holy Spirit make you able to trust Him right now! May God bless you in His Holy name! Amen.


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