Love as a Human Being

About love for the entire history of mankind is written and said so much that, it seems, new can not be added. Even those who who is not particularly diligent in reading and writing? to think, and then everything seems to be clear. with love. But it is only necessary to try to give yourself an account of that is, what exactly is “clear”, as the ground under which my legs are getting shaky.

These cursory lines are another attempt to say a few meaningful words about human love.

The sculptor cuts off all the excess from the block, freeing it an enclosed statue. So beautiful can say master about his art or connoisseurs – about the master, although behind the elegance of the phrase are years of work and failure, sweat and sleepless nights. However, the formula is correct, and it is not only for sculpture, but also for other types of creativity. And a person thinks the same way — cutting off excess.

How important the subject of reflection is is so important the ability to determine what the subject is not. By gradually cutting off what it is not, we will we are approaching the definition of its essence.

This principle is important in a proper conversation about God. When we think about God, we surround him with particles “not”, leaving unspoken what is hidden in the semantic core. God is invisible, ineffable, unimaginable, incomprehensible — and so on. And what further deeper, the quieter the words, the more meaningful the silence.

To think of God is to renounce all thoughts of the world, to strip the mind of all images. Such theology is called theology of theology. apophatic, and perhaps some of the readers will take a dip soon in the smart world of medieval mystics and deep ones thinkers about the Highest Being. It will be a world where discarded old clothes, the world of approximation to reality, with barely contained in words.

Well, we will have an easier conversation, although not less the important one is a conversation about love.

Love also needs to be spoken apophatically, if not in language theology, then at least in the language of poetry, in the spirit of the well-known poems:


Love is not a sigh on a bench,
And not a moonlit walk…

In love, the emotional sphere comes to the fore. In my chest is pounding, my eyes are darkening, my heart is pounding, and I can’t stop. “mouth fillings melt with passion.” This one the party is the easiest to take for the essence of the phenomenon. The same one we make the mistake of thinking superficially about what we are doing. money. Valuing them for their purchasing power, at the very least buying goods and services while seeing a mixture of pleasure, for self-realization, freedom and security, we can get to the point where we call money the meaning of life. It a logical error that will lead to disaster. If there is movement — this is life, and the Bicycle is movement, that’s what it is. it does not follow that life is a Bicycle. Exactly a particle you should not shield the conversation about money, emphasizing their official function and asserting that they are — not the meaning of life.

* * *

But back to love.

Man is not just a body. If it were only animate an organism, some living machine — then, for example we would also confine ourselves to the idea of continuing a kind of possibility of generic immortality in personal life mortality rate. But man, according to the gospel, is personally immortal! Ancestral immortality and the continuation of the race for him-is not main goal. Cynics of science, for some time now those who started talking about the fact that a person is simply a person. a highly organized animal, they laugh just at you. with love, or rather, over the very idea of love. In it they are only a sweet lure is seen, calling for childbearing.

The fatal fruits of such theories speak to us in the language of facts that wrong thoughts are the death of humanity.

* * *

A person is not “just a body”, because “just a body” is a corpse, and corpses do not write poems and do not sing serenades under the balcony. We don’t bring people together also to the formula “body plus soul” — the body and soul are also present in animals that are alien to the word. In the world animals have smells and sounds, but no words. The human one the world is verbal, because man still has spirit, and the world is verbal. a person will have to give names to everything and understand everything. Man is spirit, soul and body in their living connection and unity. interpenetration. They act on each other, and after that, they are able to the fall is a struggle. How much the body is capable of to weigh down and condense the spirit, so much is the spirit able to do to Refine and Refine the body. Love is the same as the gospel love sourdough in relation to three measures of flour, should skvashivat the whole person and do not refer to the body only, or the soul only, but to spirit, soul and body-together.

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* * *

Even the physical side of human love cannot be compared to an animal. There, in the realm of the body and reproduction, it is not the animal depths that await man, but the satanic ones, where the body decomposes and there is no longer any reproduction. Y animals have sex life, but there is no debauchery. The same person it is able to bring a certain spirit into the very life of the body, truly angry and animal-free, who has a sexual sphere blooms with cadaverous spots of all colors of the rainbow. Human debauchery is the violence of an evil spirit, according to the Bible. in essence, over innocent and unresponsive flesh, which mercilessly and uglily exploited.

Heartfelt love is more complicated. She can avoid it gender-specific expressions, but does not shy away from physicality. So the child, loving his mother, puts his arms around her neck, not touching her. lets go, wants to squeeze into the mother’s body until indistinguishability. But who of us can say that a child’s love for God is not enough? mom-not real? A lover of a loved one really it even wants to eat, and therefore the mother feeds the child with herself, equally just as the Lord feeds us with his Body and Blood. And old people they can love truly and tenderly, no longer having much strength to do so. physical sensory manifestations.

Sadness accompanied by emotional love. Sadness with everything synonymous with longing, sadness, melancholy, longing, thirst for the unknown, the desire to open the window and look at the stars. Youthful longing seeks a way out, senile is characterized by contemplation. But often it is — just balancing on a perch. Soulful b man is unstable and unstable. Sincerity or it slips down into the very frenzy of the flesh, communed with the evil spirit, or seeks to be satiated above, in a spirit that unites both body and soul.

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It is not true, however, that the spiritual man is emphatically and necessarily disembodied, antibody-bearing. Bach was hilarious a fat man with lots of children. This tactile the physicality, perhaps, counterbalanced the internal emotions. impulses and revelations that wouldn’t take long to die from.

On the heights, in the spirit, man creates and gives, from what gets a sense of completeness. Bring yourself into a reasonable sacrifice, to give more than to accept, and without grumbling or complaint. discontent — that’s what it means to love like a human being. Coming down from above, this love will give place to everything the rest of the person — and everything that will give a place, defines the boundaries.

* * *

So, love coming down from above brings an inner feeling fullness, saturating the spirit, soul, and body accordingly a human face. It is a gift, having received which, the person himself wants to give and give away. Otherwise, we received a fake.

Love is not directed to a body without a soul, nor to a spirit without a soul. of the body, but for the whole person. It is for her that the soul longs in the its suspended, uncreative, unfertilized state.

Finally, love is not such that, falling on your head a man, to twist it at blind will, to deprive it of its power the ability to think like the romantics did. That too “it’s a fake. Love not only does not forbid thinking about to yourself — it commands you to think about yourself.

Archpriest Andrey

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